The Newsroom – Issue #05

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This weeks’ news headlines for the music production scene featuring stories from Spotify, Beatport, SoundCloud and more!

This week in the news, Akai do stuff with MPK Mini that you will want to see, Spotify collaborates with DistroKid and releases and update to their mobile app improving usability and more. SoundCloud works with DJ software companies on upcoming integration project. Beatport brings out a line of subscription based services, and tries to keep up with SoundCloud by announcing their own collaborations with DJ software. And Novation show off their new SL MKIII keyboard in London.


Akai Logo WhiteMPK Mini Play

This week Akai announced the release of an upgrade(?) or redesign of the famous MPK Mini called the MPK Mini Play. It takes the original design of the MPK Mini and add built in sounds. A very interesting move from the company since almost all the other midi keyboard manufacturers are more concerned with fitting in as much RGB into their products as possible. The unit will be programmed with 128 sounds, retain all the same hardware like pads, encoders and that weird joystick thing and adds a speaker and battery power to it in the form of 3 AA batteries. The unit is available now for order and will set you back around $130 USD.

Source: Akai News October 22, 2018 link

Spotify LogoSpotify Integrate with DistroKid

Spotify has announced integration with DistroKid for all users of the Beta Uploader which you can read more about here. DistroKid has been used by artists for almost 5 years now and has been a way to get content out to a worldwide audience. Spotify have decided to make their partnership with DistroKid tighter by making a “passive minority investment” into the platform. They also plan on bringing out the new software integration soon, but how soon is anyone’s guess.

Source: Spotify Newsroom October 17, 018 link

Spotify LogoSpotify App Updates

We might be seeing some updates to our app in the next few weeks’, with Spotify making a few tweaks. They note three major updates and by the sounds of things they are more back end changes than UI so hopefully they aren’t doing a Facebook and completely changing what goes where! Anyway the new app will boast a personalized search page helpful if you are after something specific, or just looking around for something new. Streamlined navigation, which we assume to be updates to the UI making it easier to get around the app. And finally artist radio, which is useful if you have a record or artist in mind and want to hear more like it. Spotify will put the playlist together for you and keep it updated over time, you can even take the playlist offline.

Source: Spotify Newsroom October 18, 2018 link

SoundCloud LogoSoundCloud Partners with DJ Software

It looks like SoundCloud has beaten Spotify to it, announcing this week that they are working with leading DJ software providers to integrate SoundCloud’s huge collection of music. And so enabling DJ’s to Stream and mix all content available on SoundCloud. The integration is expected to roll out in 2019 and include companies such as Native Instruments, Virtual DJ, DEX3, Mixvibes, Serato and Hercules.

Source: SoundCloud Newsroom October 18, 2018 link

Beatport Logo WhiteBeatport Updates – Fighting Back

Beatport came out swinging this week with their new Beatport Cloud offering. We say swinging because this announcement also introduces the upcoming release of DJ software integration called Beatport Link. There is talk that a few of the leading DJ software providers are partnering up so we might start to see this technology come out soon.

The cloud offering as it stands is a 3 tier setup, Beatport Cloud+ ,Beatport CloudX and Beatport Cloud Pro. Here are a few of the benefits of signing up:

  • Unlimited Re-Downloads
  • Better previews (rather than just listening to a segment of a track you can now preview the entire track and scrub through it.
  • Monthly Free tracks (CloudX customers get 10 free MP3s and Cloud Pro get 20 Lossless tracks free)
  • Retroactive High Quality downloads (for pro users only)
  • Discount purchases (Cloud+ and X get 10% off, Pro get free upgrade to Lossless)

Source: DJ TechTools News October 20, 2018 link

Novation Logo WhiteNovation SL MKII

Novation had a little get together this week inviting a few well-known Youtubers over to London to have a play on the new SL MKIII and have some pizza. On the menu was a selection of Coca-Cola (original) Harrogate Sparkling Spring Water Pepperoni Pizza and Kensington Locks… What??? Yes that’s right I guess Novation didn’t think the food was a good enough offering so they decided to lock all the Keyboard, external synths and even the Focusrite Solo sound cards down in case anyone got their SL MKIII mistaken with one of the demo models.

What did the Youtubes have to say about the SL MKIII? Well Rachel Collier was so comfortable with it, that she pulled off this amazing performance in her pajamas, DivKidVideo shows off his hands and has a lot of fun with his knobs giving us a great detailed review of the MKIII here.

Source: Novation News October 17-24, 2018 link


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