The News Room – Issue #03

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In the music production and related news this week, we see new technology releases from providers like SoundCloud and Spotify. Ableton works with Sonic Faction on new software free to Live users, and Sennheiser release new spatial in-ear headphones with certification from Magic Leap. Native Instruments have been showing how busy they have been lately announcing yet another software update, this time to their flagship DJ software.

Abelton LogoProbability pack released, free for Live 10 Suite owners

Ableton has released 5 new step sequencers developed in collaboration with Sonic Faction and optimized for the Ableton Push hardware, although this is not required. The step sequencers are said to be great for idea generation and adding randomization and unpredictability to a production. They are available now to download from the Ableton site, free to all owners of Ableton Live 10 Suite.

Source: Ableton Press Resources October 9, 2018 link

Spotify LogoSpotify for Podcasters – Beta

Spotify released a new Beta program this week for podcasters looking to get their content onto the Spotify platform. All the podcaster needs to do is submit their feed link, and this will automatically update the podcast listing in Spotify. No need to change podcast hosting platforms and as new content is added this will be mirrored in Spotify.

Source: Spotify Newsroom October 3, 2018 link

SoundCloud LogoSoundCloud Premier – Monetization Program for creators

SoundCloud open up their monetization program this week from, invite only, to all eligible premium subscribers. The criteria to be eligible is listed on the SoundCloud site (source link below) and in short is:

  • SoundCloud Pro or Pro Unlimited customer
  • Original content
  • 18 year or older
  • no copyright strikes when enrolling

The program will be rolled out slowly at first to users with over 5000 plays in specific countries. This will grow with eligible premium users receiving an email informing them of their participation in the program.

Source: SoundCloud News Room October 9, 2018 link

Sennheiser LogoAMBEO AR One – Magic Leap Certified

Sennheiser has released the first in-ear spatial headphones to officially receive the Magic Leap Certification. Aimed at developers and creators, the AMBEO AR One headset has a built in microphone that `at the touch of a button` can blend in the sounds of the environment around the user. The headset will be available for purchase in November 2018 for around $250 USD through Magic Leap USA.

Source: Sennheiser Press Releases October 9, 2018 link

Native Instruments LogoTraktor Pro 3 Released

Native Instruments announced the release date for their highly anticipated Traktor Pro 3 DJ software this week. With a release date of October 18, 2018 this will be the first major update to the software since Traktor Pro 2 was released in April 1, 2011. The most notable new features would be the inclusion of Traktor Scratch right out of the box and the ability to use any audio interface, and not just the Native Instruments interfaces.

Source: Native Instruments Newsletter October 9, 2018 link


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