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This week’s record of the week comes to you from two talented musicians from the UK. This is a super chilled and laid back Drum & Bass record you could use in meditation or for an `emotional` rave session.


Pola & Bryson (Jack ‘Pola’ Higgins & Harry Bryson)

Pola & Bryson

The two producers have shot up the rankings in the music world having only meet in 2012, their distinctive sound of liquid and silky smooth Drum & Bass records have made their mark. They released their first record in 2014 and started up Soulvent Records in the same year. They released their first album `This Time Last Year` in 2016 and signed exclusively to Shogun Audio in 2017.

Hailing from Brighton UK, the pair have now moved to London and released `Find Our Way EP` on Shogun Audio in 2017 which is available from Shogun Audio here. `Lost in Thought` released in August 2018 is on Beatport now and has been featured on Camo & Krooked Mixcloud 3.08.2018 mix which you can listen to here. To keep up to date with future releases from Pola & Bryson on Spotify and Soundcloud, use the links below.

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Flat Jam

Soul Trader - Year of Soul Volume 1

I was searching through Spotify for some chilled Drum & Bass, searching names like Netsky and Calyx, TeeBee when I thought I’d give some recommended tracks a try. Flat Jam was at the top of the list and while I had zero expectations of the record especially since I had never heard of Pola & Bryson I was hesitant. But as soon as the piano and drums kicked in, I was all in for the rest of the record. Something I find very rarely in records within the first 30 seconds especially by an artist I have never heard before. I think it has something to do with two things; a strong adherence to the Liquid Drum & Bass sound; and secondly quality. While in my opinion the record isn’t groundbreaking, e.g. Pola & Bryson have not created a new sound. The quality of this track makes it stand out from the many other tracks that are similar, which for me is something special. It’s like having 100 people that all look the same standing in front of you, but out of the crowd 1 person stands out like slice of pizza stuck to a white wall. It is just really good music and that it why it is this week’s record of the week.

If you like this record go and check out more from Pola & Bryson on their social media and music accounts.


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