Maxgonz – Moon

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MaxGonz - Moon

This record of the week comes from a young producer from Uruguay. With a chilled jazzy and hip-hop vibe reminiscent of early morning New York City streets just before the rush hour. It is a nice tune to ease you into your day.


Maxgonz (Maximilian Gonzalez)


While there is not a lot on the web about Maxgonz we can tell from his social media accounts that he is a young producer from Montevideo, Uruguay who puts out chilled vibe hip-hop. He is also an accomplished guitarist posting many Instagram videos of guitar riffs.

His latest album Lights & Rain released in March 2017 and mastered by Eros White is on SoundCloud now and is available for purchase on An amazing achievement considering this was his first full length album and done during his studies at college.

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The Jazz Hop Conspiracy Vol 1

I came across Moon when looking through Spotify at what my friends were playing, I noticed the title Moon and the artist Maxgona (who I had never heard before) and clicked on it. The chilled vibes of the track and the visions of city streets just waking up it put in my head grabbed me. This is a great track to play on a warm Sunday afternoon, and that holds true for a lot of this artists’ music. Definitely one to add to your chill playlists if you are into this style of Hip-Hop and check out The Jazz Hop Conspiracy Vol 2 here.

If you like this track go and check out more from Maxgonz on his social media and music accounts.

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