Dawn Wall – I See You

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More liquid Drum & Bass this week with a smooth but hard hitting track by the mysterious Dawn Wall.


Dawn Wall

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Why `The Mysterious Dawn Wall`??? Well have a look online and see if you can find anything on who the artist(s) are. You will likely come across thread after thread on various sites with users guessing at who it could be. However, from the research we have done, there doesn’t seem to be any clear leads on who it might be other than a consensus, which seems to be that it might be a collaboration of different artists, possibly from different countries.

Side note: Dawn Wall is not to be confused with Tommy Caldwell’s free climbing movie which if you are interested you can learn more about here.

Their latest albums/EPs have what look like Easter Island style heads on them so perhaps there could be some connection there, but this is just another guess to add to the list. Nevertheless, the music is good and has a chilled vibe to it that spans all their records I have come across. It is a type of Drum & Bass that for me, can go both ways, i.e. you can have it as background music on a sunny Sunday afternoon, or have it pumping on a Saturday night.

Check out Dawn Wall’s other work, and keep up to date with their latest releases on Spotify and Soundcloud using the links below.

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I See You

It was a tough decision putting this record forward this week since we only recently had another great record from Pola & Bryson you can read about here. We try to cover all genres of music here but, `I See You` had our ears this week. It is another example of really good Drum & Bass music that has you hooked with in the first 30 seconds!

If you are fan of Liquid Drum & Bass, then this is definitely one to add to your crates and playlists!

Support Dawn Wall by following their social media accounts linked below, and if we are lucky, maybe they will reveal who they are in upcoming posts!


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