Touch Sensitive – Pizza Guy

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Touch Sensitive - Pizza Guy

This weeks record comes from Touch Sensitive, an 80 Moog synth inspired producer from down under.

I came across this record when me and some friends were on a road trip shuffling through Spotify. The intro is super captivating and really grabs you. For some reason I was thinking deadmau5, Tron, Kavinsky, Stranger Things and Robo Cop all at the same time.


Touch Sensitive (Michael Di Francesco)

Touch Sensitive

The first record of the week here at The Production Control is by Michael Di Francesco AKA Touch Sensitive. He is an Australian based producer whose first studio album Vision, dropped in 2017. While you might consider Touch Sensitive’s signature sound to be one of strong 80s influences with use of synthesizers and drum machines. His new album sounds closer to today’s dance scene with a dash of 80s popping out here and there. It is definitely worth a listen, so check it out at the Spotify link below, or listen to some of his other track and mixes on SoundCloud.

listen on spotify listen on soundcloud


Pizza Guy

Pizza Guy The Remixes

Pizza Guy grew in popularity when it was used as a backing track in one of Very‘s advertising campaigns. Unfortunately I have been unable to find the advert online so if you have a link please share it with us! This record is on point with Touch Sensitive’s 80s style, using synths all over the place and to great effect.

If you like this track go and check out more from Touch Sensitive at his website for updates and tour dates.

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