The Newsroom – Issue #09 2018

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This weeks’ news headlines for the music production scene featuring stories from Arturia, iCON, SoundCloud and more!

It has been a pretty slow December in the world of music production news but we managed to scrape together this article just before Christmas hits. We have some new software from the legendary Arturia who have reportedly created something very special. SoundCloud collaborate with Serato, Bitwig do Beta and iCON release some very interesting looking DAW controllers. We also venture into the unknown and find out a little about Steinberg´s new release of Dorico.


New Software Synth from Arturia – Pigments

Arturia Logo

Arturia gives its customers something to hope for in their Christmas stocking this year with the release of their brand new Pigments plugin. Arturia have used their 20 years of experience to create an awe-inspiring synthesizer plugin that ingeniously combines wavetable synthesis with virtual analog technology.

Not only can Pigments sound like any other synthesizer but can also sound completely unique according to Arturia. Among many of the great new features Pigments offers you will get 2 Sound engines, Twin filters, Effects section, Advanced modulation and Virtual Interface. Check out the link below to learn more.

Arturia Pigments

Source: Arturia Press Releases December 11, 2018 link


SoundCloud Releases Serato DJ Integration

SoundCloud Logo

Serato is now the first Pro DJ software solution to have full streaming integration with SoundCloud. This announcement is the first in many to come for SoundCloud who are anticipating integration with more DJ software companies like Native Instruments, DEX3, Mixvibes and more in 2019.

But for Serato users now, they have the ability to access and stream from SoundClouds huge catalog of content with their SoundCloud Go+ account and the latest releases of the Serato DJ Pro (2.1+) or DJ Lite (1.1+) software.

Pricing for the SoundCloud subscriptions starts from $9.99 per month or $16.99 when bundled with the SoundCloud’s Premium Creators subscription. For more information check out the press release link below.

Source: SoundCloud Press December 12, 2018 link


Steinberg Release Dorico 2.2


Newsroom Logo Steinberg

Dorico – Steinberg´s premium music transcription/notation application get a much-needed update with new features making the software, well, usable.

The new features include a real-time transcription engine allowing artists to play midi music directly into the application. Furthermore, artists can import midi tracks directly into the software. Other features include ‘comprehensive support for jazz articulations’, ‘complex repeat structures’ and replacement of tempo and key markers without losing any other midi information.

While all this IS great news for current Dorico especially since the upgrade is free for them, it does seem like Steinberg is playing catch up here when you look at Dorico’s competition. But judge that for yourself and if you are after more detail check out Daniel’s article linked below.

Dorico 2.2

Source: Steinberg Press November 11, 2018 link


iCON release their new QCon Pro G2 DAW Controller

Newsroom Logo iCON

If you are really keen on getting hands on with your productions then iCON has just released the perfect Christmas gifts for you, the QCon Pro G2 and QCon EX G2! The controllers boast Mackie Control and HUI emulation so they will work with any major DAW giving you tactile feedback and control over the major mixing controls.

Check out the setup tutorial of the QCon Pro G2 and 3 of the QCon EX G2 controllers.

Source: iCON YoutTube December 6, 2018 link


Bitwig Studio 2.5 Beta Release

Newsroom Logo Bitwig

Are you a risk taker? Perhaps you just like to be on the early adopter train? Or maybe you just like to test out new software out of the kindness of your heart for no form of compensation whatsoever?

Well if any of this is you, then why not give the latest Beta release of Bitwig Studio a try! The beta release boasts some great new features indeed and the Number one most exciting feature for us was unfortunately slightly hidden among the marketing hype and jargon in the release. Under their ‘Firming up the foundations’ heading we see:

“and plug-ins are scanned faster”

…wow! Any Ableton Live user with a few extra plugins knows how long Ableton can take to get up and running and seems to take forever to scan the plugin directory. It is really great to see the Bitwig team working on these types of improvements. Great work!

Source: Bitwig Newsletter December 11, 2018 link


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