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This weeks’ news headlines for the music production scene featuring stories from Spotify, Pioneer, SoundCloud & Instagram and more!

This weeks’ news consists of stories from Akai who are announcing a new app for the iPhone, Spotify get analytical for the publishers and SoundCloud work with Instagram on something new. We also hear about Pioneer and the updates they have made to their app and Ableton Live Loop fans get a new controller on KickStarter!


Akai Announce iMPC Pro 2

Akai Logo White

Akai announce an update to their much loved iMPC Pro app this week to version 2 for iPhone. The app exploits the new technology in the iPhone XS and XR and by the looks of the images available on the Akai site you can get it on your iPad too? New features include the ability to use Apple’s proprietary Audio Units technology allowing users to connect the Audio Unit to the iMPC app as a new track for recording. The iMPC Pro 2 apps also includes the ability to record from 4+ channels when using an external audio interface.

There is a special early adopters price of $4.99 when pre-ordering and after launch (launch date unknown) the price will be $8.99. Not badly priced in our opinion for what you get!

Source: Akai News November 7, 2018 linkc


Spotify Releases Spotify Publishing Analytics

Spotify Logo

Spotify have been working on an analytics platform aimed at helping publishers understand the market. With this knowledge they will better be able to guide their songwriters by gaining new insights into what the market is listening to now. There are a number of features on this platform including playlist performance, streaming statistics and drill down to get songwriter performance stats.

The plat for has been released in beta form now and publishers interested in using it can head here to learn more.

Source: Spotify Newsroom November 8, 2018 link


SoundCloud and Instagram Integration

Newsroom Logo - SoundCloud Instagram

SoundCloud has been working with Instagram to make sharing easier. SoundCloud announced this week that the new integration means that users can share their track on spotify directly to their Instagram story in a few easy clicks. This integration also see Instagram linking back to SoundCloud where users will be able to click on a button at the top of a SoundCloud post, and be taken to the SoundCloud app on mobile and start listening.

The feature is available now so head over to your SoundCloud account today and link to your Instagram account.

Source: SoundCloud Press Room October 23, 2018 link


The Pioneer KUVO gets a Major Update

Newsroom Logo - Pioneer

Pioneer’s KUVO app gets a major update allowing fans to connect with DJs and clubs. Updates to the app include the ability for DJ to post mixes for fans to listen to. Fans can select from Global or Local mode to find DJs in the areas of the world they are interested in. Clubbers can post messages and photo on event pages to share their experiences and connect with the event organizers and DJs. If you are on a night out and don’t know where to go you can fire up the KUVO app and use the handy mapping feature to see your location and where gigs are around you.

These and many more new feature are now part of the KUVO app so if you are on android, go ahead and download the app today!

Source: Pioneer DJ News November 8, 2018 link


Dedicated Ableton Looper Controller

Newsroom Logo - Kickstarter

An interesting new gadget caught our eye this week on the Kickstarter platform. The pedal dubbed the “State of the Loop” connects directly to Ableton Live and controls the looper plugin. The unit itself is built like a standard foot pedal i.e. like a tank and it designed to be used by a live performance artist. The unit not only controls the looper plugin but it can also control scene on Ableton Live. Finally, if that was not enough you can also connect to continuous foot pedals to control anything you like in Ableton Live.

Head over to kick started to support KB Devices with this project!

Source: Kickstarter November, 2018 link


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