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More music from France this week featuring the hard hitting Hip-Hop duo Smokey Joe & The Kid and their track The Game.

Smokey Joe & The Kid – Matthieu Perrein and Hugo Sanchez

Artist Profile - Smokey Joe and The Kid

Hailing from Bordeaux, France the Duo got together back in 2009 and have been fusing Hip-Hop with Jazz, Funk and Soul ever since. Their unique sound stems from the music production workflow they have adopted, consisting of MPC Drum machines recording everything live. The group has work with a number of other artists including C2C ,Chinese Man and Blackalicious and has performed in a number of festivals around the world including Glastonbury, FISE Festival and Picnik Electronic.

The group released one of their first records back in 2011 remixing the AlgoRythmiK – Andrew’s Break record and have been releasing remixes ever since. Their first EP The Grand came out in 2012 and was quickly followed up by their first studio album Nasty Tricks, released in 2013. 2016 saw their most recent Studio album Running to the Moon continuing the group’s signature sound to full effect and in 2017 they dropped their EP Taek Control.

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The Game

Smokey Joe The Kid - The Game - Ablum

The Game is a record that definitely carries the groups’ signature sound and their MPC style workflow comes through strong. The track has hard hitting Hip-Hop beats and copious amounts of samples thrown in. I was instantly hooked by first 10 seconds of the intro which suggested a big Hip-HOp funk style beat was coming, and I want disappointed. I did find the rising synth sound an interesting addition to the record since it is not a sound you would expect in Smokey Joe & The Kid’s sound, but it works! The bridge also reminded me of C2C and then with the beat coming back it was like listening to a set combining C2C with Gramatik.

Check out Smokey Joe & The Kid’s other work, and keep up to date with their latest releases on Spotify and Soundcloud using the links below.

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