Hillsdom – Lucid Dreams (ft. Novokane )

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This week we check out the UK Super-Duo Hillsdom and their record Lucid Dreams (ft. Novokane). Click here to listen to the record and learn more about the artist!


Hillsdom – Jake & Jack

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Friends since school Jake and Jack have grown up together in UK and working together on Drum & Bass music from years now. They have taken a unique approach to music production compared to other artists these days, where they work for years on a record making sure it is exactly how they want it. Rather than working through as many records as possible and pumping out ‘banger’ after ‘banger’. This approach has seen their records being picked up by big name artist in the Drum & Bass scene like Metrik and Friction.

To date Lucid Dreams is the groups first official release but they have been working on many other records over the years and will no doubt be releasing more tunes soon! They also play out at a lot of gigs so keep tuned to their Social Media accounts to know where they are playing next!

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Lucid Dreams

The record was done with the vocal help of Novokane a friend of both Jake and Jack from school. According to the duo they had the vocal before they had the rest of the record. Over a few years they would go back and forth getting new vocal sample and layering it over guitar solos drum patterns etc until they ended up with the Lucid Dreams you are listening to now.

I personally found the vocals of Novokane to perfectly complement the rest of the record and being a guitar player myself I really appreciated how they managed to fit in a guitar solo without it taking control of the record. Each sonic part of the record sit well in the mix and complemented the other parts.

This record had me thinking along the lines of Sub Focus and Metrik when i first heard it and legitimately thought it was one of them. It is always great to come across good music by new artists and I look forward to seeing Hillsdom sound influence the Drum & Bass music scene over the next few years.

Check out Hillsdom’s other work and keep up to date with their latest releases on SoundCloud and Spotify at the links below.

listen on spotify listen on soundcloud


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