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Looking for a legitimate free reverb plugin to add to your productions? We have put together 7 of our favorite and best reverb plugins for both Windows and Mac users.

Reverb is hands down one of the most common and well-known plugins around with almost every DAW including one. In our previous article ‘###’ we discussed reverb and with this knowledge we have put together a list of our favorite FREE reverb plugins for you to try out. Each plugin in our list has the essential controls you would expect from a reverb plugin and they each have their own special features and specific sound.

So go ahead and download them all if you like and let us know in the comments section below which one you like best!


The MuVerb plugin is a great ‘multi-plugin’ that offers a ton of presets and other effects like Chorus, Echo, Flange and Delay making this a must have in your plugin library.

For now, we will focus on the reverb plugin, with its most distinguishing feature over the other plugins in our list being the filter section. Here you have a Low pass, High pass and Band pass filter buttons which can be modified by the two encoders below the buttons. The Band pass filter can give you a very interesting sound. Similar to the of a water drop falling into a bowl of water and echoing out.

The sound of this plugin is quite good and can be made softer or harsher with the Turbulence controls at the bottom right of the plugin. Check out a demo of the plugin below:

Download formats: VST  Windows 64bit logo  apple logo



The OldSchoolVerb plugin is a fully featured Reverb plugin that can be applied to almost any type of track and out of all our Reverb plugins listed in this article, offers the most control. On the face of the plugin it may not seem like this has anything over the others but if you click on the Edit button in the ‘Reverb Params’ section, another window will open giving you control over 6 more reverb controls.

The plugin also comes with some handy presets to help you find the sound you are after quickly then adjust it to taste.

The sound of this reverb plugin to me is very splashy and light which makes it great if you want to add a little sparkle to a track. The added control over the reverb (pictured above) allows for some very creative possibilities and things can get very wacky when you start playing with the parameters.

Download formats: VST  vst3 logo  Audiio Uniits Logo  Windows 64bit logo  apple logo



The OrilRivb reverb plugin stands out from the rest of the plugins in this list to me because it feels like you are using a premium product. It comes with a number of presets to get you started and has plenty of parameters to play with. The OrilRivb also has a Dry button at the top left of the plugin which solos the ‘Wet’ signal so you can hear exactly what the plugin is doing, as well as a mute button at the top left of the plugin that removes the reverb completely and leaves just the ‘Dry’ signal. Double clicking on the values under the encodes allows you to type in a precise value which is helpful.

The sound of the plugin is also of very high quality and the presets sound good and are a great help when looking for the right sound.

Download formats: VST    vst3 logo   Windows 64bit logo  apple logo



I am going to be honest, this plugin confuses me and I still don’t have a grasp of how all of it works, but it is free and with a lot of patients can produce a good sound.

The Top left of the plugin is taken up by two graphical representations of the generated reverb and they will update as you modify the parameters. The V.1 – V.5 sliders control size (Yellow) and Depth (Red) but I am not sure exactly what they do. Each V.# slider is accompanied by a blue Volume encoder.

Check out a demo of this plugin below:

Take note that when you are clicking around the plugin some of the text will take you to the internet. Like the ‘Forum’ word at the top right of the plugin will take you to the Riviera forum. Also, the plugin is a little lagy (for me) when moving sliders or turning encoders the plugin takes a moment to ‘catchup’ or apply the settings.

I am not going to dismiss this plugin as it is my own lack of understanding that is holding me back from unlocking its potential. For a free reverb plugin there is a lot to explore with the Riviera plugin however for me when I want to add reverb I need a plugin that I can throw on and quickly get the result I am after. It will be a little while before I get that adapt with this plugin.

Download formats: VST   Audiio Uniits Logo   Windows 64bit logo  apple logo



The SAFEReverb plugin is an interesting one since while it does have all the required controls one would need it also has some additional features. These other features include a note pad (the Grey box at the bottom right of the screen) and an Additional Information window where you can add further notes/text (as shown below).

I haven’t found any use for this on a per track basis but I have put this plugin at the end of my master chain turned off and used the text box to add note on what I want to do. This is helpful when I come back to the track I don’t need to try and remember what I was doing last time.

I have found this plugin to be one of the trickiest to get to know how to use since the coloring of the encoders doesn’t actually mean anything (to me at least) and so I had to learn to ignore the coloring and just use the encoders to modify the sound. I think this might be so that you can save detailed presets however I have not tried this yet.

One thing I do like about this plugin is the reset button for each encoder that makes getting the encoders value back to neutral quick and easy.

All this being said, after taking the time to get to know the plugin I do really like how it sounds.

Download formats: VST   Windows 64bit logo  apple logo  linux logo



The TAL-Reverb-2 is the big brother to the TAL-Reverb-4 (listed below) even though the naming convention would suggest otherwise. It has a few options over the TAL-Reverb-4 that might interest you.

First off down the left-hand side you have a subtractive three band EQ which is handy if there are frequencies in the reverb that you want to get rid of. At the bottom center you have a Stereo Width encoder and button. The encoder controls the Stereo width of the reverb signal and the button turns the Reverb into a stereo reverb i.e. adding the reverb effect to each channel (Left/Right) independently (note that the same parameters will be used for each channel).

I really like the sound of the TAL_Reverb-2 and to me it has a more natural sounding decay. When applied to a snare it has the characteristics of ocean waves crashing against the shore.

Download formats: VST   Audiio Uniits Logo   AAX Logo  Windows 64bit logo  apple logo



Finally, in our line up, the TAL-Reverb-4 which may not look like much but it is one of my favorite Reverb plugins because it is super quick to get just the right amount of reverb on a track. The 6 encoders make dialing in reverb easy and quick with all the necessary parameters available and the inclusion of an on off button within the plugin itself is very handy when checking your work.

At first, I was not a fan of the interface since it did not show me the values the encoders were set at. However, after using it a few times I grew to like that it had the values emitted from the GUI, this meant that instead of dialing in a number i was forced to listen to the sound.

For me the sound is OK if not a little digital when you listen to it on high hats. However, it is by no means a problem and with a little work (like any sound) it will sit just fine in your mix.

Download formats: VST   Audiio Uniits Logo   AAX Logo  Windows 64bit logo  apple logo


The Wrap-up

So hopefully this has given you a few options for reverb plugins whether you are a Mac or Windows user.

I have always been a little weary of free plugins of any sort but after having used them for a few years and used premium paid options I can honestly say that there is NOTHING wrong with using a free plugin in your mix. The only common difference between free and paid plugins i have found is the level of control most paid plugins give you. However, it all depends on what works best for you and the sound you are after.


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