Free Music Software – Freebie #04 Best Free Multiband Compressor

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We have hand-picked a few Multiband Compressor plugins that are completely free to download. Check out the article for more info on the plugins and download links.

Last week we introduced you to Multiband Compression and showed you how it can be used to tame different frequencies. Now, it is time for you to give it a try by grabbing a few multiband compressors for yourself.

It was a little tricky this time around to find good plugins for both Mac and Windows, not to mention 64 bit VSTs. However, we were able to find a few plugins we think deserve a place in your plugin tool kit. Go ahead and give them a try, they are completely free to download after all, and let us know what you think of them!


Xfer OTT

This is a simple multiband compressor by Xferrecords that gives you control over 3 bands. There is just a single knob for each band, with no accompanying attack or release controls. This plugin is easy to use and is completely transparent when used well. Take care when using this plugin since it might end up acting more like a 3 band EQ if used aggressively.

Download (vst,au,axx,win,win64,mac)



The GMulti by GVST is a great multiband compressor with 3 adjustable bands, with full control over each band and a waveform screen showing you the level of the audio signal and the threshold. You can mute individual bands and adjust the amount of compression applied with the Mix encoder in the top left. This is a really great full featured multiband compressor giving you everything you need.

Download (vst,au,axx,win,win64,mac,linux)


Cockos ReaXcomp

The ReaXcomp is unfortunately a VST Windows only multiband compressor but it is so impressive we thought it was good enough to show here. The highlight feature about this plugin is that you can add basically unlimited bands, the default setting starts with 4 and you have full control over each one. This plugin comes in the ReaPlugs bundle which is available on the Reaper website (link below). If you are on a windows platform then I highly recommend trying out these plugins as they are really great and high quality.

Download (vst,win,win64)


The Wrap-up

So yea, it was a short one this week with only three plugins posted, and yes there are a lot more out there but we try our best to list plugins that are available for everyone regardless of what system you are on. If you are hungry for more, a great place to look is website. These three multiband compressors are great and definitely worth trying out for yourself to see if any of them fit in your workflow.

I personally really like both the GMulti and the ReaXcomp since they give you full control over the settings within the bands you specify. If you are willing to pay for a good multiband compressor then I definitely recommend Waves C4. I use it a lot, it sounds good, it’s super easy to use and its quite reasonably priced.

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