Free Music Software – Freebie #03 Cloud and Waves Sub Bass

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A free Sub Bass sample instrument inspired by Liquid Drum & Bass artist Netsky. Download for free, and open in Native Instruments Kontakt Player.

This week’s free music software was inspired by a Netsky record called Starlight. I heard it for the first time maybe 5 years ago now, and decided to try and make my own version of the Bass synth, and this is what I am sharing with you today. Netsky’s take on Drum & Bass is unique and interesting take on a melodic style of Jungle D&B, Starlight being a good example of that. These days this sound is most often referred to as Liquid D&B, the sound that Netsky is one of the biggest influencers of. Check out the Starlight track below.

So after hearing this song a few times, I decided to put together a few different synth sounds in an attempt to get a similar sounding bass line. One of the best things about this type of bass line is that it is audible on both Large bassy speakers and small speakers that don’t have much low end to them. This is thanks to the different harmonics in the sound, covering a large area of the sound spectrum.

While this instrument was intended for Drum & Bass records, that does not mean it can only be used for this purpose, and with the controls included in the interface, you can modify it to be a bass line on a Dance track or anything else you like. So let’s get into it!


Cloud and Waves Sub Bass

This instrument has been put together in Native Instruments Kontakt, and the free Kontakt Player can be download from the NI website (links below). You will find Windows and Mac links on the website and from there you can open it like a regular VST or AU on in your DAW of choice, or you can use it in standalone mode.

The Instrument was intended to be used as a bass line instrument, however I have included samples all the way up to C5 and as low as C-1. This opens up all sorts of possibilities for its use. The instrument also has a maximum of 32 voices allowing you to play polyphonically.

Here is an example of the instrument used as the bass line with a simple Drum & Bass style beat.

The attack and release can be modified to give you completely new sounds and are especially useful if you wanted to utilize the higher notes on the keyboard. The below loop is an example where I have increased the attack slightly and generously increased the release to give the instrument a nice tail. A second instance of the same instrument has been added to give the Loop a bass line. Here I have added some automation to the LFO frequency to give the bass line a touch of life.

The next example uses the automation to extend out the release, cutoff frequency and the intensity of the LFO, turning the synth stab sounds into long chords. Again there is automation on the LFO frequency of the bass making particular notes stand out.



This is one of my own favorite Bass instruments to play with since you can use it in all sorts of ways not limited to the bass line. I hope you find this as interesting and as fun to play with as I have.

Below are the download links for both the free Kontakt Player and Cloud and Waves Sub Bass library. Please let me know if these links do not work in the comments below or if there is any other issue with downloading these instruments. The instrument has been shared from Google Drive.

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