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Feature Image - Freebie 01 Rat Trap Bass

A Free sample instrument inspired by the Kick bass in Feed Me’s record Rat Trap. Download for free, and use in the free, NI Kontakt Player.

The first Freebie on The Production Control is something I made myself a little while ago having been inspired by Feed Me’s bass kick in Rat Trap. Feed Me (Jon Gooch) is one of my favorite producers and I have been a fan of his work for many years.

This record caught my ears because, even if you are listening to it on computer speakers, you can still make out the bass line which I think is often missing in many other tracks with heavy and long 808 style bass lines. Check out what I mean below.

Rat Trap Bass

I have put this instrument together in Kontakt so you can use the free Kontakt player to play this (links below) instrument, note that you will need version 5.8.1 or higher. The samples are in the lower end of the keyboard reaching from G1 to G3 and all samples are looped so that if you hold a note it will play until you release it. This instrument has only 1 voice so that if you play a note in quick succession there won’t be any overlap of the samples causing a muddy bass sound. This instrument also runs all samples in memory so it should use less than 10 MB, this is not including the memory used by Kontakt. As you can see from the screenshot above, the interface is fairly straightforward with three sections which we will discuss briefly below.


The Parameters section allows you to modify the attack and release of the played sample. By increasing the attack value you can turn the sound from a Kick, to a synth. Adjusting the release to a shorter value will get rid of the bass tail and leave just a Kick drum sound.


The EQ section allows you to adjust the gain on the bass and High frequencies of the played sample. The main purpose of the High filter is to soften or strengthen the initial hit of the kick i.e. the `click` sound.


Here you are able to apply a LFO to the sample with the Intensity acting like a Dry/Wet knob. The Cutoff is the level the LFO will peak at and it is important to know that the Cutoff is applied regardless of what intensity is currently dialed in. The Fade in encoder dictates how long the fade will be to apply the LFO so that you can have the LFO come in after the note has hit. Freq controls the rate of the LFO. If you get creative with the these parameters you can get this instrument to make all kinds of bass and buzzy sounds.



Here are a few short loops I put together to show the different sounds that can be made with this instrument.

Similar to the Rat Trap track where you have a kick bass sound.

Here the release has been shortened and it is just used as a Kick. You can also here where the notes have been held and the LFO kicks in.

This one the attack has been reduced and the instrument is used as a bass synth with LFO.



Below are the download links for both the free Kontakt Player and Rat Trap Bass library. Please let me know if these links do not work in the comments below or if there is any other issue with downloading these instruments. Rat Trap Bass has been shared from Google Drive.


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