Dinnerdate – Last Lynx (Remix)

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This week we check out the German artist Dinnerdate and his remix of Curtains’ record, Last Lynx. Click here to listen to the record and learn more about the artist!

Dinner Date – Simon

ArtistProfile - Dinnerdate

Dinnerdate is another one of these artists that seems to enjoy keeping their real identity to themselves, which is fair enough these days. However, he was kind enough to post a photo of himself on Facebook and other social media platforms. According to his bandcamp web page here he hails from Stuttgart, Germany which makes sense since the Europeans definitely know how to make great electronic music.

From Facebook we see that the Dinnerdate fan page was first created back in 2013 which correlates with his SoundCloud page. The first track released 5 years ago was remix of José González – Crosses which is worth checking out here. This leads us to believe he started Dinnerdate around that time.

These days you are most likely to come across his music on YouTube by searching Dinnerdate Remix like this where you will be presented with a good sized catalog of tracks. There are also a lot of house/dance mixes out there especially on YouTube where Dinnerdate features and there is good reason for this; for one the music is good, no doubt about it; and second is that he releases a lot of his music for free. Just head on over to his SoundCloud page!

Dinnerdate has done a number of remixes over the years and has lately brought out a few original productions of his own which you can check out on his Spotify artist profile.

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Last Lynx

The record is a chilled house record that for some might take a while to get into, but if you are patient, you will be rewarded! The track is a remix of the Curtains Last Lynx which you can check out here. Dinnerdate’s remix dose well to make something new of the track as not to copy it and manages at the same time to stay true to the original track, doing it justice.

I personally was taken by the introduction. I was listening to this mix on YouTube where this record was the first one played and I was instantly ‘all in’ for listening to the mix. I am a sucker for long-drawn-out introductions with different musical elements being introduced one phrase at a time.

Check out Dinnerdate’s other work and keep up to date with their latest releases on SoundCloud and Spotify at the links below.

listen on spotify listen on soundcloud

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